Toe River Art Studio Tours, Spruce Pine

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What a perfect day! Drive the scenic mountain roads from studio to studio to discover world-class artists tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Toe River Studio Tour showcases the work of 100+ artists and crafts people across Yancey and Mitchell Counties, located about 40 miles northeast of Asheville. It is held twice a year, a weekend in June and December. Drive the countryside near Mt. Mitchell to find these studios stretched from Spruce Pine to Burnsville, including Penland School - one of the top schools for art in the country. Other towns include Bakersville, Little Switzerland, Micaville and Celo.

2020 Toe River Art Studio Tours
June 5-7: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM-5 PM
December 4-6: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM-5 PM
Starting Point: Toe River Arts Gallery, 269 Oak Avenue, Spruce Pine

The self-guided tour is presented by the Toe River Arts Council. Pick up a free map at the TRAC gallery in downtown Spruce Pine at 269 Oak Avenue, or any of the tour's studios and galleries on tour. It includes detailed directions to the studios on the tour, as well as bios on artists and their work. Since you won't have time to visit all the studios, you can get advice at the gallery about the best artists to visit to match the art you like.

The tour began in 1993 and is held twice a year, with the December tour taking on a holiday flavor. It's like a treasure hunt. You take a map and head out. There are many other places to stop along the way, including great restaurants.

Small signs erected along byways (including the Mount Mitchell Scenic Byway) and country roads keep folks on the right path, while many studios provide refreshments. Many of the artists only open their studios for this tour with unique artwork in all forms from clay to fiber to metals to glass.

For more info, call Toe River Arts at 828-682-7215 or go to the Craft Your Adventure Website.

Watch the video: Judson Guerard - Toe River Arts Studio Tour Highlight


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